FIATA "Federation Internationale del Associations de Transitaires et Assimiles" is the world's largest non-governmental organisation in the field of transport, with more than 40,000 logistics companies, either directly or through associations.

FIATA has official consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations International Trade Commission (UNCITRAL).

FIATA's objectives: to unite the freight forwarding industry internationally. To represent freight forwarders, to defend their interests, to improve the quality of services provided by freight forwarders by developing and disseminating uniform forwarding documents, standardised forwarding conditions, etc.

FIATA adheres to the principles and rules of fair competition in order to balance the interests of freight forwarders from different countries and to ensure fair competition. FIATA members are strictly prohibited from:

  • Apply price fixing agreements
  • Coordinate the sharing of markets and customers
  • Any agreements that restrict the rights or choices of customers or carriers
  • Any discussion amongst themselves on prices, price structures and pricing strategies.

Information to freight forwarders on any pricing practices is only allowed for professional training purposes, within the framework of a pre-agreed agenda, and in agreement with the relevant national (or national) competition authorities.

LINEKA has been a member of FIATA since 1994. Membership in this organisation enables LINEKA members to combine global and local logistics business interests by receiving detailed information on developments in the industry, by participating in international events at various levels and by using FIATA documents.

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