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Today's economic development shows active, dynamic and complex processes taking place in transport sector.  Providers of transport and logistic services operate in highly competitive environment.  Competition is the strongest factor promoting transport modernisation.

Modern transport is more than just modern means of transport.  First of all, it is quick access to information.  But knowledge and information alone are not enough. It is our abilities to operate knowledge and information that matters.

Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics LINEKA is promoting consolidation among representatives of transport and logistic businesses.  To enable business representatives to communicate and to collaborate, to discuss and to work together.  New ways to the East, Asia, South – Black Sea region are being discovered, better collaboration relations with neighbouring countries and faraway Asian freight forwarders are being developed.

Our strategic goal is to become active players in the North-South and East-West transport corridors, as nothing else but partnership can create true value needed by our client.

LINEKA is negotiating and handling many positions on various issues from transport and logistic business life.  We represent interests of the members of the Association and our related business communities in different social and political structures. We support shuttle trains project, one-stop electronic customs services.

Thanks to our competences and gained experience we are constructive partners of governmental authorities and research institutions.

LINEKA is open to creative organisations, innovative enterprises.  Together we can make even more efficient contribution into freight forwarding and logistic business development.