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FIATA diploma

The FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding is now available to people currently employed in the freight forwarding and supply chain industry. This course is designed, administered and delivered by the Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics together with International School of Law and Bussiness.

Freight Forwarding is the business of deciding the best modes and methods for moving specific goods according to a specific requirement. As a major part of supply chain management (SCM), it's the know-how that makes SCM happen according to plan, and more especially when events don't happen as planned.

Flexibility is the hidden word in freight forwarding and this can only be attained through knowledge of all transport modal options. This course supplies that knowledge.

The FIATA Diploma has been available with the LINEKA since 2010.


Increased professional knowledge - This will enhance the freight forwarding and supply chain services offered by you and your company. This programme encompasses all aspects of freight forwarding encountered on a daily basis in the various operational areas of freight forwarding.

Course material is timely and highly relevant - The course content and delivery is regularly validated by FIATA (The International Federation of National Freight Forwarding Associations).

Very helpful source of information on structure, progress and improvements to be made in Education matters of the industry world-wide.


The FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding consists of 15 modules on the following topics:

Module I. General knowledge on transportation system
Modulis II. International Finance, accounting and taxes
Modulis III. Liability insurance
Modulis IV. Customs activities
Modulis V. Supply chain
Modulis VI. Warehouses and storages
Modulis VII. Centres of logistics
Modulis VIII. Road Transport
Modulis IX. Railway Transport
Modulis X. Sea Transport
Modulis XI. Air Transport
Modulis XII. Mulimodal, intermodal transportation
Modulis XIII. Specific cargo transportation
Modulis XIV. Information flows in logistics
Modulis XV. Safety and Security

DURATION: 12 months

REGISTRATION: For participation in FIATA Diploma vocational training please contact LINEKA secretariat:
Monika Petkevičiūtė
Secretary General
Tel.: (+370 5) 277 90 36
Fax.: (+370 5) 277 90 36
Cell.: (+370 609) 72229
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